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Dr. K. Azharul Haq
Vice President
Bangladesh Water Partnership
House # 79(1st floor), Road # 12/A
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209
Contact no. 880 4477500213,880 1819212996

Dr. Khondaker Azharul Haq obtained Ph.D Degree in Engineering from University of California, Davis in 1981. Prior to that he obtained M.S Degree in Agricultural Engineering and B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Engineering respectively from University of Hawaii, Honolulu in 1973 & Pakistan Agricultural University, Faisalabad in 1967.

Professionally, Dr. Haq has over 40 years of experience in the water resources sector of which nearly 30 years were in very senior management/policy level positions in large organizations both at the national and international levels. These include Head, Agric. Engg. Division of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Member Director (Agric. Engg), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Member Director (Irrigation) Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, Irrigation Specialist, International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka & Managing Director , Dhaka WASA.

For the last 14 years Dr. Haq has been actively involved in the water supply and sanitation sector. He worked successfully as the Managing Director of Dhaka Water Supply & Sewerage Authority for nearly seven years. While in DWASA he successfully constructed and commissioned the Saidabad Water Treatment Plant. It is worth a mention that the plant was completed ahead of schedule and at a cost which was nearly 22% lower than the approved cost (as per PP). During his tenure, BMER of the Chandnighat Water Treatment Plant was also completed. Contracting out o f of the zones for revenue billing & collection to Employees Cooperative Society of DWASA (PPI) was also started during his term in the office which significantly increased DWASA’s revenue collection. Funding for Saidabad phase-2 was also secured during his term in office. A large number of projects in water supply, sewerage and storm water drainage were also implemented during the period. The gap between water demand and supply was also significantly reduced and water supply status was at a relatively satisfactory level. Water Supply for the urban poor, especially those living in the slums was as significantly expanded through participation of NGOs. A master plan for improving sanitation (sewerage) was also prepared in 1998 with the assistance from JICA. Water logging in the city was also eased to a considerable extent. He also worked as national & international consultant in the water resources sector. As international consultant, he worked for FAO as and Irrigation Specialist in Jordan & evaluated three irrigation projects implemented by FAO in Iraq. In Nepal, he was appointed by ADB as Transitional Manager to oversee transition of Kathmandu Water Supply from public sector to a PPP-type Company. Within Bangladesh, he worked as both national & international consultant for ADB, FAO, Maxwell Stamp Ltd & ACE Ltd.

In 2005, ADB honored him by recognizing him as a “Water Champion” in Asia for his contribution to the water supply and sanitation sector especially to the urban poor.

Dr. Haq has 15 publications in national & international scientific journals. His last technical paper titled ‘Water Management in Dhaka’ was published in the Water Resources Development Journal in June, 2006.(22, No.2, 291-311). He also has to his credit 21papers published in workshops/seminar proceedings. He also reintroduced publication of the Annual Report of DWASA which was stopped earlier.